Document Management System Philippines

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Archive One is a document management system that provides a single repository for all company data: documents; emails scanned files. Archive One makes management and customization of important documents easy.

You are assured better security and accurate information in every field. Document management systems should play a vital role in business continuity planning, risk management and disaster recovery.


Why you need Archive One


Find Documents Fast
With Archive One’s ability to create custom indices, it lets users find documents quicker and easier. The more keywords one creates, the more relevant documents will appear.


Secure documents access rights from viewing to checkouts
Administrators can track users who have accessed the system and documents, allowing the company to monitor and secure any confidential information.


Ensure that documents are not tampered with
Manage document sets such as 201 files, regulatory documents, and related case files. Export the sets as merged PDF files with bookmarks or export to a folder.


Store millions of records on terabyte storage
Archive One scales from a single server deployment to clustered environments with terabyte storage.